Papyrus burnisher of Tutankhamun
General Information

Tutankhamun's burnisher is composed of two pieces, the head and the handle, both of which are made of ivory. The head is capped with gold foil, cushioned on a strip of linen coated with an adhesive on both top and bottom surfaces. It is inscribed with his name and his throne name, coupled with his titles. At the base of the handle is a terminal in the form of a papyrus flower.

Number 3495
Storing Place Egyptian museum - Cairo - Egypt
Material Ivory
Type Papyrus burnisher
Type of Script Hieroglyphic
Discovery Place Valley of the kings - Luxor - Egypt
Width 4.4 cm
Height 16.5 cm
Historical Period The Eighteenth Dynasty – The New Kingdom
General Comments

A burnisher would be particularly useful for smoothing the step in a join of such a kind.

Inscriptions on the Monument

"Son of Ra, lord of the Two lands, Tutankhamun, ruler of the southern Iwnu like [the sun god] Ra".

Scientific Publishing

Treasures of Tutankhamun, (British Museum, 1972).