Shabti of Pawer
General Information

A shabti wearing a tripartite wig with vertical stripes and a collar with several strings and pendants. The arms are folded; there are bracelets on the wrists, and the hands hold agricultural tools; two bags for grain are depicted on the shoulders. The mummiform body carries an inscription arranged in eight horizontal lines on the front and a vertical column on the back. The eyes and one of the tools are painted in black, while the stripes of the wig and the inscription are painted in white.

Number 2097
Storing Place Archeological National Museum - Napoli - Italy
Material Wood
Type Shabti
Type of Script Hieroglyphic
Height 28 cm
Historical Period The Eighteenth Dynasty – The New Kingdom
Inscriptions on the Monument
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pn ir iptw ir iptw Wsir PA-wr r ir kAt nbt irt m Xr(t)-nTr r srd sxtw r s-mH mw wDbw r Xni Say n iAbt r..... is aHa n f sDbw imy n z r grt-f ir iptw m .. nw xt nb...m kw i kA imaxw xr Mstti Wsir PA-wr mAa xrw


Illuminating the Osiris Pawer. He says: "O this shabti, if one counts the Osiris Pawer to do all the works to be done in the Beyond, to plow the fields, water the banks, carry sand from east to... when obstacles are implanted there against him, as a man at his duty, if his name is counted in every moment... 'Here I am' he will say". The blessed in front of Amset, the Osiris Pawer, justified.

Scientific Publishing

A.Pellegrini, Statuette funerarie del Museo Archeologico di Firenze, Bessarione IV, vol. 7, (Roma, 1900), 17, n. 88