Ancient Egyptian Inscriptions
The Ancient Egyptian language is one of the oldest and most distinguished languages of the ancient world, and its use continued in Egypt for nearly four thousand years, from 3400BC to the first millennium AD. The language was written in four scripts: hieroglyphic, hieratic, Demotic, and Coptic, and each was written in a different way that the other. These texts were carved throughout the ages of the Ancient Egyptian civilization on numerous standing and mobile artifacts, Leaving behind a massive written heritage and knowledge. The Calligraphy Center was eager to exhibit a side of this heritage through the various inscriptions that make up the project of the Digital Library for Inscriptions, Calligraphies, and Writings, by displaying many types of artifacts bearing inscriptions in the Ancient Egyptian language with its four scripts, including: papyrus, clay, funerary paintings, statues of different forms, various pots and pans, and particularly the many funerary elements, such as doors, obelisks, and other types of artifacts that immortalize the Ancient Egyptian inscriptions.