Plaque of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye
General Information

Glazed composition book-label of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye with a rounded top and hieroglyphic inscription. The plaque is light blue and the inscription was inlaid in dark blue. There are two holes at the top.

Number 22878
Storing Place The British Museum - London - United Kingdom
Material Faience
Type Plaque
Type of Script Hieroglyphic
Discovery Place Thebes - Luxor - Egypt
Width 3.8 cm
Thickness 0.5 cm
Historical Period The Eighteenth Dynasty – The New Kingdom
General Comments

It is probably refer to a scientific book about the properties of the moringa tree and its products.

Inscriptions on the Monument

"Beloved of Ptah, the king of the Two Lands, the good god Amenhotep III, may he be given life; the wife of the king, Tiye, may she live" "The book of the moringa tree."

Scientific Publishing

R. B. Parkinson 'Two or Three Literary Artifacts’ in W V Davies (ed.), Studies in Egyptian Antiquities, (London, 1999), 49-57.